A Currency Guide For Megapolis

If you are struggling with various issues regarding the shortage of currencies, then you should follow some effective tips and tricks. It will help you to get rid of all the problems and to improve your performance in the megapolis.

How to get megabucks

Megabuck is a premium currency in the game, and there are many ways are available to earn free megabucks by trying Megapolis Cheats. You can also use the real money to earn more megabucks without playing the game.

  • Open the game – it is one of the easy ways to earn the free megabucks, and you get it in the starting point when you open it for the first time. It is very helpful for you to buy small buildings to start it perfectly.
  • Daily login – just like every game megapolis also give you free coins to log in the game in daily bases. So try to play the game daily to earn free megabucks, and it helps you to start the game perfectly.
  • Increase the level – if you are the good player, then it is easy for you to complete the missions quickly. The game gives you free megabucks when you clear the level. So you should try to play more to clear more levels.
  • Rewards- the game gives you daily rewards to play the game, and you also get the option to earn by watching free advertisement videos.

Real money

If you are not able to earn the coins by playing it, then you can use the real money to buy the certain items.  You have to spend a lot of money to buy the single item

The game also gives you limited time offers to buy the multiple things at low cost. So if you want to buy, then you should wait for the best offers for them.


In my opinion, it is not good to use the real money for a game, because we play the game for the entertainment. Always try to earn by completing the tasks, it takes more effort but also increases your performance in the game.

Tips and tricks of Avakin Life

It is most interesting game on the internet. This game is allowed to decorate your house. The player should be minimum register 17 years of age to register to play this game. When you enter into the game, you see 3d avatar in the game. All game is depending on 3g graphical. It is launched on 10 December 2013 by Lockwood publishing.  Meet new people and also get an opportunity to meet up with your old friends. You can also change the furniture at home. Many wallpapers and decorations are available for design of the home.  This virtual 3d world is created with the imagination. Many challenges and tasks are present in the game. Via completing tasks, you should be the winner of the tasks. After the winning the tasks, you win a reward.  You collect many rewards and prizes.

I have some tips and tricks for playing this game and chance to win the prize. These tricks are so important for every person, who interested to play this and won’t be a top player.

  • Collect daily rewards-

Every day the game will give you daily points and coin so always take the daily rewards. Means don’t forget to collect the daily reward. To boost your coins and level daily reward collect must require. So Always collect the daily rewards.

  • Facebook-

Facebook is the best source to collect the free coins. When you log in with Facebook, the company gives you extra free points. So don’t forget to log in to Facebook. One another benefit is you connect with your friends and meet new people. Also, add new friends to your account and chat with them. Play games with friends provide you extra coins or by trying Avakin Life Cheats.

  • Watch video-

Then again life if provides you the easiest way to collect the free points and up the level from watching an advertisement. It is the best way to collect the points. When you touch on free coins at the time an advertisement will show automatically on your device. Watch video till the end and get free coins after completing video. So it is the easiest and general way to collect the free coins and other rewards.

  • Meet with friends-

It is the best part to earn currencies. Go out with friends in trendy bars, sunny beaches, and romantic restaurants get you to achieve the extra points and help you to level up the game.